Outreach Random Selection Method

How we reach people for politics
Grafik einer Person vor einer Wohnungstüre, die mit zwei Personen an der offenen Wohnungstür spricht.
Foto einer Person, die an einer Haustüre klingelt.

Lots can be drawn in different ways.

We draw lots to bring together as wide a variety of people as possible. 

Even if the group of participants is small. We draw from the register of residents so that all people who live in an electoral district, for example, actually have an equal chance to participate. If everyone we draw participates, we have a relatively good representation of the total population in our group of participants.

Grafik mehrerer Köfpe in unterschiedlichen Farben.

In fact, it is not so easy to get all those drawn to participate.

Usually, only between 5-10% of those who have been contacted respond to an invitation to a citizens' council. However, it is very important to us that also those people participate in an Electoral District Day who belong to the 90-95% of the population who do not respond.

That's why we use the so-called Outreach Random Selection Method at Es geht LOS.


In concrete terms, this means that we ask the people who have not responded again in person.
The procedure of the Outreach Random Selection Method
Grafische Darstellung des Ablaufs des Aufsuchenden Losverfahrens. 1. Zufallsauswahl aus dem Melderegister. 2. Anschreiben per Brief. 3. Aufsuchen an der Haustüre, persönliche Einladung derer, die nicht reagiert haben. Hieraus können drei unterschiedliche Wege hervorgehen. Entweder nimmt die aufgesuchte Person am Wahlkreistag teil; oder der Grund der Absage wird erfragt und Unterstützung für eine Teilnahme angeboten; oder bei definitiver Absage kommt es zum Nachlosen eines weiteren Teilnehmers aus entsprechender Alterskohorte und Geschlecht.

What do people need in order to participate?

We are not interested in persuading people.

Instead, we want to find out what prevents them from coming and what they need in order to be able to participate.

Also, it turns out time and again that people don't get the letters delivered or don't take them seriously the first time they read them, don't understand them, or for some other reason don't take a closer look at the invitation. Therefore, we always leave a letter with a reminder with those we do not meet.

Grafik mehrerer Köfpe in unterschiedlichen Farben.
Here you can find a detailed article by team member Linus Strothmann, who developed the Outreach Random Selection Method.
Buchcover von "Wir holen euch ab!" von Liesenberg und Strothmann.

Here you can order a book by Katharina Liesenberg and Linus Strothmann on the Outreach Random Selection Method (in German).

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