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Hallo Bundestag - Elected. Randomly Selected. Together. Electoral District Councils for Democracy is a project of Es geht LOS.


Es geht LOS works independently of political parties to ensure that randomly selected people from all parts of society have a say in politics.

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Our motivation
We want to bring different people and actors in politics and administration closer together, and in doing so, bring along those groups whose voices otherwise often remain unheard.
Grafik verschiedenfarbiger Köpfe mit leeren Sprechblasen.
Grafik unterschiedlicher Personen, die um einen runden Tisch sitzen.
We believe that democracy only works if everyone plays a part. It is close to our hearts to live in a lively and solidary society. We are committed to preserving it.
Who is behind Hallo Bundestag?

The team

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Evaluation and science

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The Sponsors

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The Supporters

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