The supporters

In addition to the funders, the Hallo Bundestag project has a number of supporter organizations that have either supported the development of the project in the form of feedback or have assisted Es geht LOS with measures from which the Hallo Bundestag project now also benefits.

Organizations that provided feedback during the conception phase include the IASS in Potsdam, the Institute for Political Science at the University of Wuppertal, Mehr Demokratie e.V., IFOK, the nexus Institute, the Maecenata Foundation, and a number of other experts in the field of participation, including Robert Vehrkamp, Philipp Sählhoff, and Paulina Fröhlich

The Es geht LOS APP, which is also used in the Hallo Bundestag project for the implementation of the Outreach Random Selection Method procedure, was partly financed by the software company Maiborn Wolff, the ZEIT-Stiftung, and Mehr Demokratie e. V.

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