The project schedule

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The project phases of Hallo Bundestag

The kick-off event

The Hallo Bundestag project will begin with the kick-off event at the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin on February 28, 2023, where the project will be presented and all project partners will come together.

The first phase

The theme of the first phase and thus of the six Electoral District Days in the spring and summer of 2023 is: "Our electoral district, our Bundestag - How do we strengthen the relationship between residents and politics?" This is the central concern of the project: How can we improve people's relationship with federal politics, strengthen trust and thus ultimately promote democracy? 

Completion Phase 1: Advisory Board

After the six electoral district days, the advisory board meets in Berlin. It consists of participants from all six electoral districts, the members of parliament and a group of experts. In the advisory board, the experiences from the individual electoral districts are compiled. In addition, based on the collection at the individual Electoral District Days, a topic is selected for the second phase. And finally, the board has the task of developing a proposal on how Electoral District Days and Electoral District Councils can be made permanent. All this takes place in a workshop in Berlin.

Completion of Phase 1: Public presentation of the results from phase 1 

After the Advisory Board has met in the morning, the first phase is concluded with a public event. At this event, the findings will be presented to the public.

The second phase

In the second phase, six Electoral District Days are held again. The theme will be determined based on proposals from the first phase in the Institutionalization Council phase. Electoral District Days for the second phase will be held in the fall and winter of 2023.

Completion phase 2: Advisory Board

As after the first phase, the Advisory Board meets again in Berlin after the second phase. Now the topic for the third phase is determined and the institutionalization proposal is revised with the experiences from the second phase. 

Completion of phase 2: Public presentation of the results from phase 2

As in the first interim phase, there will be a public evening event at which the results of the second phase will be presented.

The third phase

As with the second phase, the third topic will be determined by the previous phase. Unlike in phases 1 and 2, however, we do not assume that the substantive results from the Electoral District Days will have any real influence on policy in this legislative period. For this reason, the focus here will be on a topic that is particularly relevant for the future and whose results can be incorporated, for example, into coalition talks or negotiation processes in the coming legislative period. The Electoral District Days of the third phase will take place in spring and early summer 2024.

Completion Phase 3: Final meeting of the Advisory Board

After the third phase, the Advisory Board meets for the last time. The overall project is evaluated and the institutionalization proposal is finalized. The meeting will take the form of a workshop in September 2024.

Completion of the project: Public presentation of results and closing ceremony

Hallo Bundestag will conclude with a public event in Berlin. Here, the recommendations for a continuation of Electoral District Councils developed by the Advisory Board will be handed over to the Bundestag, first results from the evaluation of the project will be presented and finally the project will be celebrated with all participants. The closing event will take place after the last meeting of the Institutionalization Council.

Electoral District Day

The topics

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